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Hongkong Holiday (Part 1)

February 13, 2011 Leave a comment

The Climax of the trip: Photo-op with Mickey and Minnie

It was our first family trip- with Yanna who celebrated her 2nd birthday then.  Hence, the choice was Disneyland in Hongkong.

Dec. 26, 2010


We stayed at Panda Hotel which was located in Kowloon.  We took the shuttle bus from the airport (HKD 100 per person) which was about 30 minutes trip.   As we were used to travelling by train and bus, though it was far from the tour spots, it was not a big deal. But of course, hotel nearby was preferable.

Hotel per day: roughly HKD 958

Impression: Room was small but was still fine for us.  There’s a feel that the room was not cleaned for the day before we occupied it as there was some dust.


We found the weather colder than expected.  I was in bermudas and whoa it was cold but I could wait to get to the hotel.  It was scary to keep Yanna out in the street. So we did not stay long outside.


We roamed around scanning the malls and attended the Mass at a nearby church. We checked out local food for some adventure but it was not anything new from what we have in Singapore (Wanton noodle and fried rice).

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