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Blog Hop Feature: Journeys and Travels- Don’t Read Or You’ll Die of Envy

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment

The presence of this blog is never unnoticed with his constant tweets.  But clicking on the link is worth it as you see breath-taking photos of lands “unknown” to us. I am talking about Journeys and Travels by Doc Wendell Cagape.

Upon landing on the blog, you will find the title like that engraved on a coffee table photo book “Journeys and Travels”.  Very inviting, a bit formal and -oh-something I will just see and dream about perhaps. Haha.

Pictures, pictures and pictures. Those crisp colors, clear images and crafted shots are just amazing.  It starts with the photo view just below the blog ID that encapsulates the passion for travel.  All over, the pictures will give you a true vision of where this blogger has been to.  And yes, what he’s enjoyed – the food and the company of backpackers.

Navigating through the blog, here’s what caught my fancy: The ABCs and Lessons of Backpacking. It is a masterpiece post- written with simplicity and honesty- no pretensions. I thought the ABCs would talk about the how-to’s.  Nevertheless, it introduced me to Doc Wendell’s backpacking adventure.  It looked to me like he’s travelled practically the world over- and to find out that he’s only just begun- makes me feel- well I want to start doing that too!

An adventure-loving backpacker is never too killjoy to wear  Samurai costume for a shot. Neither is he too simply after the good shots for the sake of it but he also shared his disappointment, in photo, about Virgin Island in Bohol.

My favourite pictures in this post are the serene Lake Apo ( Makes me dream about living in a house “beside the lake”) and the beautiful boat posing on the beach.

Lake Apo: Sets mood for meditation

Yeah, it's true- it's more fun in the Philippines!

A cliffhanger- he met a “beautiful girl” but he never got her contacts. Too bad.  But a backpacker will always have a next time. 🙂

Blogs like this- is a must read for everyone who dreams of travelling. Why not try the backpacker route?


Pictures from – published with permission.


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