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Economic Growth's Not Catching Up In 2012; How About Us?

January 30, 2012 Leave a comment

I crafted Yanna's dreamboard with her nod. Simple and clear.

Last weekend, I read about the speech delivered by former finance secretary Roberto de Ocampo on the Philippines’ economic outlook via Rappler in the Arangakda Philippines forum held last 26 January.

My takeout was that the economy is not going to grow twice as fast realistically but we need to move twice as fast anyway.  How the government will respond to this remains to be seen.  In the meantime, how such a vision will impact Filipinos is something each and every one of us should be thinking about. We’ve always complained that economic growth never trickled down to us.  Now, how about a predicted slowdown?  Are we about to give in to the excuse that this is what our fate will be for the rest of the year or blame the President for our condition today?  I would like to pose the question to all of us: Can we go twice as fast to catch up with our personal targets? None of us have control over the economy or the external factors that affect it.  What we have is our own choices and actions. That is we can take hold of.

Learnings from the Past

Let us look back at 2011, and ask ourselves what we did great and which areas did we fail.  There is no point crying over spilled milk.  What we want are facts about what we did, did not do and why. In this way we can get some closure and move on. Make your annual review.  It’s not too late.  May I suggest this free resource from  Get Busy Living Blog – an annual review sheet.

Have a Game Plan

Nothing serious is done without a plan.  You can’t play a sport without a strategy; You can’t start a business without a following a business model and doing some feasibility study.  What is more serious in this whole damn world than your own destiny?  Overwhelmed? Let’s talk about this year first, before going beyond.

1.  Set priorities.  You have to set the order of priority based on what’s important to you and why. Your ultimate dream could be “financial independence”.  But how do you get there? Does that mean you resign from your job now? Nope.  You need to take steps one at a time.  Focus on 2012 by identifying the:

– (i) Urgent ones- examples: fix your life out of a shit problem; find a job; get a raise or promotion; break a real bad habit  OTHERWISE you will get in real trouble, you will get killed  or your loved ones will suffer

– (ii) Important but not urgent– examples: hone your skills; develop a new skill; get into a healthy lifestyle; break a bad habit OTHERWISE you will delay a better job opportunity; get passed for a promotion; or get deeper into addiction WHICH will eventually result into #i consequences.

2.  Be realistic.  Don’t set standards that are not at all realistic.  If you want to be a recording artist, check if you have the talent.

3.  Be accountable. Going back to the Dream Board challenge, share your goals to someone you trust, so that you are bound to show them your accomplishments. You need to have an “accountability partner” from among your family or friends.  Add to that someone who also shares the same “dream come true” challenge from a support group or an online community.  I am making this blog a community and as such the first point of building this is sharing ideas and point of views.

4.  Find your “niche”.  Philippines needs a make over. And so do you! Either you already identified your X factor or you are still groping in the dark.  Time to make a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. You need to find out for the long term, what works for you and what does not- this can be in the area of career or something else.  Depending on the area of concern, this is something you need to think over and not something necessarily urgent.   I would like to cover this separately in detail but you can already start thinking about it.

The future still looks bright.  There are a lot of opportunities out there.  You have to make a plan. Spell it out, talk it out and move. Arangkada Pinoy!

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