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Macau – Romantic Place to Celebrate Birthday!

February 28, 2011 3 comments

Macau- December 28, 2010

It was not intentional to celebrate Yanna’s birthday in Macau.  It just fell into place according to how things worked out. Looking back, it was a cool memorable one for my family.  We did this as a side trip from Hong Kong.


Round trip ferry to and from Hong Kong:  SGD 44 per adult; roughly SGD 35 for 2 yr old kid

Tour cab: SGD 120

Restaurant dinner: SGD 62

Fast food meal at the terminal: SGD 12 per meal


–  Take the early trip to get there the earliest as you might get stuck at the immigration at a peak season.

–  Take a tour cab if you are staying in Macau for a day. Know your destinations so you can tell the driver where you want to go without
having to rely solely on his advice.

Happy Birthday Sweet YANNA (Dec 28)

Ferry to Macau

We rushed to the ferry terminal at Tsimshatsui in Kowloon.  The ferry leaves every 30 minutes.  When buying tickets, be patient as the ticket
personnel do not speak good enough English. Make sure you buy round trip ticket and choose flexible time getting back.  Actually the “flexible time”is just getting a late schedule and being able to get a seat as chance passenger on earlier trips.

The trip took about an hour.  When we got at the immigration upon arrival, swarm of people crowded the place.  It was disorganized and did not foresee the load of people coming at a time so it is inevitable that a big crowd will lead to chaotic thick queue. The big crowd must have been due to the holidays.  We spent an hour and a half waiting for our turn. We were tired by the time we got out of immigration.

Hiring a Tour Cab

A number of Filipinos tried to lure us to hire them as tour guides. But we ignored them.  After taking lunch, we realized we’ve already lost half the day and it was mid-afternoon.  Getting some help is the wisest thing to do.  We waited for the Filipinos to pester us again but I guess they already knew us and did not want to waste time.  One more thing we were not sure if they had vehicles to offer our would commute with us during the tour.  So we approached the station where tour cabs are.  We arranged for the trip choosing from the menu of attractions. Voila!

Say a Little Prayer in the Ruins

Macau’s favourite destination: Ruins of St. Paul’s

A View of Macau

Macau is a feast for fans of heritage sturctures.

Special dinner to celebrate Yanna’s birthday. Truly romantic!


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Hong Kong Holiday Part 2: Budget Cheat List, Disneyland

February 19, 2011 3 comments


I just thought it was more helpful to share the budget here as this is the more interesting thing that people want to know- friends, readers and fans alike.  I know you have seen my wife’s Facebook pics and it’s too much to see them again here 🙂

Plane fare (budget): SGD 1145.97 for three (we paid for two coming to HK, and since Yanna turned two while at trip, we paid three going out of HK)

Hotel (Kowloon area): SGD 166.25 per night

Typical meal: Average SGD 6.00

Transport: Buy an Octopus card- SGD 25.00. You can use this in trains, buses and also in other establishments like restaurants. You can use it up for three days travelling in trains and buses.

—Price of Octopus Card (1 HK$= .16 SGD):

  • Adult: Deposit $50 + Stored Value $100 = Price HK$150
  • Child: Deposit $50 + Stored Value $20 = Price HK$70
  • Senior: Deposit $50 + Stored Value $20 = Price HK$70

Places to go (the ones we went to):

—Disneyland: SGD 56 per adult

—Cable Car (round trip): SGD 26 per adult

—Other places we went to were public ones so there was no entrance fee or anything.

Most of the costs above are available online.  You can check to verify.  The meal on the average is based on what we had from the KFCs/low to mid-end local restaurants.

DISNEYLAND – December 27

Surfing Mickey in the backdrop

Turkey and Mickey pancake

It is wise to wake up early and get to Disneyland asap. But you may have to take your breakfast there. Well the Turkey and the Mickey pancake is not so bad for an experience.

Fancy background

The 'Candid' Pose

Yanna's nap break

Travelling with a toddler should take into consideration her nap breaks.  Your itinerary should be flexible, loose and is open to just hanging around doing nothing.  Of course, my daughter gets the priority every time.

This girl is a Disney diehard, can't you see?

While Yanna had fun, it was more a learning experience for her.  At her age, she may not fully appreciate what’s the trip all about.  However, we can see the glow in her eyes seeing the colorful characters, the animated houses and places, the Lion King show, and the rides- her response were new words she learned (by repeating what we said) when we told her about those things.

Yanna's homage to Mickey and Minnie

Waiting for 1.5 hour is not a joke! And who are we queuing up for? No, not the Pope, no- nothing to do with Glee, mmm not Charice and not Journey. It’s Mickey and Minnie! And guess what: Just a few more minutes before we did our shoot, Yanna had her chance to hug Minnie out of our official turn! How? The Disney couple had their 5 minute break (toilet?).  On their way back, Yanna and I positioned ourselves near the opening where they would return to the pavilion for the shoot while my wife did the queueing.  And on their way, Yanna ran to them for a hug and surely they could not resist this beautiful cute little girl!  That could have been a perfect stolen shot of all!  Oh well, I still love to tell this story as my remembrance.  In the end we had our turn.  Yanna had her own solo pose with Mickey and Minnie for her birthday.

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Hongkong Holiday (Part 1)

February 13, 2011 Leave a comment

The Climax of the trip: Photo-op with Mickey and Minnie

It was our first family trip- with Yanna who celebrated her 2nd birthday then.  Hence, the choice was Disneyland in Hongkong.

Dec. 26, 2010


We stayed at Panda Hotel which was located in Kowloon.  We took the shuttle bus from the airport (HKD 100 per person) which was about 30 minutes trip.   As we were used to travelling by train and bus, though it was far from the tour spots, it was not a big deal. But of course, hotel nearby was preferable.

Hotel per day: roughly HKD 958

Impression: Room was small but was still fine for us.  There’s a feel that the room was not cleaned for the day before we occupied it as there was some dust.


We found the weather colder than expected.  I was in bermudas and whoa it was cold but I could wait to get to the hotel.  It was scary to keep Yanna out in the street. So we did not stay long outside.


We roamed around scanning the malls and attended the Mass at a nearby church. We checked out local food for some adventure but it was not anything new from what we have in Singapore (Wanton noodle and fried rice).

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