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The Coach Told Me, "Go Home!"

December 19, 2011 5 comments

Back in high school, I attempted to tryout on varsity track and field in my desperation to be exempted from the Youth Development Training (YDT), a compulsory pre-military training in school required back then. Much of that exercise was conducted on the open school field. Everybody loathed exposure to sun. Being exempted was somewhat a privilege and a status symbol, so to speak, specially if you were part of the varsity teams- whichever sport that might be. When I learned about the tryout, I immediately registered myself without any real preparation. All I knew was that I could jog the long distance for a while. So when the day came, I did not even know which event I should join but anyway decided that one which required long-distance running. I mustered my best to finish but it was not good enough and I just heard the coach say “Go home!”. After that fast long distance run, I stopped and somewhat felt nauseous and vomitted. One unforgettable experience I never told anyone until now. Whew.

Learning from that, I told myself I want to train and be prepared for the following year and get in the varsity. One thing for sure was I discovered one of the few non-ball sports that I could do and enjoy. However, I ended up not pursuing running as a competitive sport but was satisfied to keep it on the side as a fun and healthy activity.  At some point it crossed my mind to join a race and some day dreaming to be in Milo Marathon. But all of that ended in the head. Haha.

Many years passed. It was still on my mind. For more than ten years, I managed to have a semi-healthy lifestyle by managing some balanced diet and active lifestyle – mmm let’s say every half of the year each time. Running on the treadmill was still part of the routine and the thought would still come- how about joining a race? This never came close to happening until I got to Singapore. The Standard Chartered Marathon was pretty much well publicized. Not to mention the options of things to do around the country, I guess this event resonated in my mind. After much procrastination, I decided to give it a try on the start of my third year here (January 2011). I had to undergo the gruesome challenge of discipline (not to postpone my scheduled trainings) and managing time with work, family and other commitments.  A few weeks before the marathon, I already realized that the chances of finishing the marathon was slim.  Not that I gave up on the hope but at the rate I performed while training and problematic about my runner’s knee tendency, I had to be realistic. I slowed down my pace not wanting to end up with any serious injury.  No, i will not sacrifice everything for this.  Well, it’s not a number one priority. What was important to me was to start something and see how far I can go.  So the final moment came: 4 December, 5:00 a.m.

Starting the race with a smile

At the start of the race, it was an accomplishment. “This is it!”, I thought.

10 kilometer milestone

20 km milestone- very hopeful at this stage as I was still feeling the energy!

I took things one step at a time.  I first thought of the first 5 kilometers; then the next 5; and so on.

Nothing is sweeter than to be with my angel.

I managed to run about 26 kilometers. Not bad for a start.   Next year, I will be more competitive but realistic. I’ll probably do 5 or 10 kilometers.
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