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Hong Kong Holiday Part 3

February 22, 2011 1 comment

December 29 – Ngong Ping: Cable Car and Village

Cable Car

The Ngong Ping  Cable Car reminded me of what I knew about Hong Kong when I was a child about country landmarks and tourist spots.  Riding on it is like a “dream come true” in a sense.  In this ride, we saw a glimpse of Hong Kong’s green hills, top view of the city, and some interesting sites such as the Giant Buddha.  Comparing from Singapore’s cable car, the trip was longer and there was more to see.  Hence, I found amusement on it.

Stop at the Cafe House Display

Ngong Ping Village had interesting things to offer- both fancy man-made stuff and meaningful landmarks/destinations. While, of course, we still enjoyed posing for these showcase in the themed village, I preferred the more relevant ones that reflect the culture of the Ngong Ping area.   After all, they are the reason why the place is more unique and worthy of a visit.

Giant Buddha at the backdrop

We were happy to take pictures of the Giant Buddha by the background.  We did not attempt to get close to it as that means having to walk further and climb stairs. That’s too much for Yanna and us to bear.

The mini-theatres offered shows that were fascinating because they were interactive. “Walk with Buddha” was cool where you get to move from one part of the place to watch Buddha’s bio in animation, to experience the prayerful silence  and some other audio-visual experience.

Street Adventure

And oh, the crowd.

Lastly, we attempted to go to the crowded shopping places in some street market but were too tired to make the effort.

Malls Are Not Baby-Friendly

We found that while in the shopping district area, it was difficult to find a mall with a bigger space- they all looked like small commercial centres with all stalls and boutiques all over.  Hence, finding a toilet to change diapers for my daughter was difficult.  We had to walk around not in one mall but along the street to find other locations. We finally found one where there is a room for the disabled. Little did we know we have yet to endure a more  disappointing experience.  While queuing (although it was not long), there was one who tried to enter the toilet as if he did not see the queue. That was pathetic. One more thing, before we got inside the toilet, some security man was knocking on the door and so we told them there was someone inside with a baby.  And so he left.  When we had our turn, the same security man, it seemed, started knocking at the door.  We ignored.  But he persisted and after a while he unlocked the door! Oh my, oh my- I was not able to scream in anger but instead with my tired but patient face, I  told him we’re in with a baby. Grrrr. One more story to tell about Hong Kong!

Great Time

I would not want to end this with a sad note about the toilet experience.  Indeed, our last stop- Victoria Harbour waterfront was another fun shooting time- Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong skyline, Junk Ship and the Museum. Further, the cool breeze of the night condensed the heat of our tiredness.  I must say, overall, we had a good holiday after Christmas.

COMING UP NEXT: Macau Side Trip…

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