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Macau – Romantic Place to Celebrate Birthday!

February 28, 2011 3 comments

Macau- December 28, 2010

It was not intentional to celebrate Yanna’s birthday in Macau.  It just fell into place according to how things worked out. Looking back, it was a cool memorable one for my family.  We did this as a side trip from Hong Kong.


Round trip ferry to and from Hong Kong:  SGD 44 per adult; roughly SGD 35 for 2 yr old kid

Tour cab: SGD 120

Restaurant dinner: SGD 62

Fast food meal at the terminal: SGD 12 per meal


–  Take the early trip to get there the earliest as you might get stuck at the immigration at a peak season.

–  Take a tour cab if you are staying in Macau for a day. Know your destinations so you can tell the driver where you want to go without
having to rely solely on his advice.

Happy Birthday Sweet YANNA (Dec 28)

Ferry to Macau

We rushed to the ferry terminal at Tsimshatsui in Kowloon.  The ferry leaves every 30 minutes.  When buying tickets, be patient as the ticket
personnel do not speak good enough English. Make sure you buy round trip ticket and choose flexible time getting back.  Actually the “flexible time”is just getting a late schedule and being able to get a seat as chance passenger on earlier trips.

The trip took about an hour.  When we got at the immigration upon arrival, swarm of people crowded the place.  It was disorganized and did not foresee the load of people coming at a time so it is inevitable that a big crowd will lead to chaotic thick queue. The big crowd must have been due to the holidays.  We spent an hour and a half waiting for our turn. We were tired by the time we got out of immigration.

Hiring a Tour Cab

A number of Filipinos tried to lure us to hire them as tour guides. But we ignored them.  After taking lunch, we realized we’ve already lost half the day and it was mid-afternoon.  Getting some help is the wisest thing to do.  We waited for the Filipinos to pester us again but I guess they already knew us and did not want to waste time.  One more thing we were not sure if they had vehicles to offer our would commute with us during the tour.  So we approached the station where tour cabs are.  We arranged for the trip choosing from the menu of attractions. Voila!

Say a Little Prayer in the Ruins

Macau’s favourite destination: Ruins of St. Paul’s

A View of Macau

Macau is a feast for fans of heritage sturctures.

Special dinner to celebrate Yanna’s birthday. Truly romantic!


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