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Finding A Stroller for Kids Over 15 kg

Strollers or prams are a necessity in Singapore if you have a toddler or any kid below 6 years old.  In fact, I have seen even older kids still riding the strollers. Why? Because most of us would probably be taking the public transport and most of these are located in specific places which means we need to walk quite long distances. Going places like Botanical Garden or Sentosa, you would not have an easy-to-find public transport to hail to bring you three blocks away.  With malling as a past time, the more a stroller is needed if you would like everyone in the family to enjoy the day.

Yanna’s first stroller was bought in the Philippines worth around SGD 200 and was of premier class.  It even had a detachable baby basket.  This kind of stroller is something you only see in movies. Hehe.

When my family followed to Singapore before Yanna was 6 months, they brought along this stroller and her crib.  Not only because it would have been more expensive to buy a new one but because I tried to look for its equivalent and did not find anything suitable.

As  we got used to the country, we learned the “dos and don’ts” of family making trips here and there.  It is definitely a must to bring stroller on trips.  But we found the stroller bulky as it did not fold compact enough.  Also, it did not have a convenient carrying mechanism that I had to carry it with my two hands if I need to do it safely.  In short, it is not your typical “portable” easy-to-fold stroller.


Yanna’s first stroller was pretty but bulky

It was hard to accept that the stroller was not good enough because it was expensive even by Singapore standards.  But the most practical thing to do was buy a more convenient one.  My initial knowledge of strollers in Singapore was that they were expensive.  The brands that I would see everywhere were Combi and Maclaren.  When I did window shopping one day, I was surprised at the prices! They ranged between SGD 200-400.  But I believed there were cheaper ones.  I only need one that could carry my daughter when we go out and one that is easy-to-fold-and-carry.  Good thing, we found them in the right place.  We went to Giant and found an array of cheap but pretty much decent carriers. We bought a SGD 39 pram.

We used this for almost two years and without a regret.  Our SGD 39 was value-for-money.  The only thing that did not work well with this stroller was that it did not have a good wheel balance that when you turn it on one side, one wheel’s direction does not necessarily turn the same way.  But it did not matter because at the end of the day, it follows since you have one human pushing it. Also, one wheel would be detached and fall from time to time- to our amusement. Thankfully, we never lost that wheel at all.  This stroller has traveled Hongkong, Macau and Kuala Lumpur.  Now time has come when our dear Yanna has grown too heavy for it, at 15 kilograms, and we can feel that it is slowly giving in.  We did not want to wait for it to collapse and so we started our hunt for a new stroller.  The challenge is that most strollers were made to carry 15 kg child. From the sources we knew, we did not find one that had the capacity of over that weight.  this time we were not looking for a stroller to just hang by and carry our daughter.  It had to be sturdy, of good quality, and easy-to-carry features.  We would probably use it in the next two years. Our budget in our mind was between SGD 75 to 150- probably coming from the SGD 30 price, it was hard to go higher.

Light and handy, enough for lightweight toddlers

Easy to carry but need to have a good grip

We were disappointed with going back to Giant because we did not find any that could carry our requirement and also because there was not much.  After this failed trip, my wife discovered a Mothercare branch in Harbourfront where there is a wide array of strollers. We found the expensive strollers all lined up beautifully. We found one that we like, in terms of looks and function but the price is cumbersome – SGD 598.  My wife did not seem convinced at first.  But there was not much of a choice.  We found a simple looking stroller that looked sturdy but turned out to cost around SGD 550 and could only carry up to 15 kg.  We need a heavy duty stroller that can carry Yanna’s size and one that would last 2-3 years more. So where else do we go?

Baby Jogger City Mini Single

Comfy for Big Sized Kiddies

Good looking

Looks bulky in size but easy to carry

Tip to parents: Buy a stroller for long-term foreseeing the capability even up to 20 kg. In case you already bought but need to buy a new one for some reason as we did, consider the following;

1.  How long else will the kid need the stroller.  They would typically need it until 6-7 years old- in Singapore.

2. How much is your budget. If you are really on a shoe-string-budget and your kid is still small, buy the cheaper ones like what we had.  It could last two years depending on how fast your kid grows.  And you won’t regret it because the cost is not even 10% of what it would cost when you buy a new one.  Also, you would have saved some years of depreciation if you had to buy another one that is expensive.

It showed to be a happy ending for our stroller hunting


Check out other options and accessories (click images below)

Note: The image links above are affiliate links. The review made on this post is independent and only based on our experiences.  Everything shared in this blog are honest reviews and I do not recommend anything that I do not believe in.

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