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Where Did You Buy Your Christmas Decor?

In the Philippines, September is the time when the so-called “-ber months” commence.  The presence of Christmas is starting to be felt with the airing of Christmas carols and putting up of decor.    Television networks join the hype with their Christmas countdown too.  Following this custom, as early as October, our Christmas tree had been assembled by my wife, who fancies a lot about Christmas stuff.  Putting together a collection of Christmas home decor is not an easy task in Singapore. Why? For discriminating tastes, it is not easy to find a good bunch of these perhaps because Christmas is valued differently here.  It’s easy to find Christmas trees everywhere in different colors (such as black) and shapes but not your perfect pine in the right proportions.

We found one at Carrefour and turned out to be most costly in that store (around SGD 110). But I guess, it’s worth it because we will use it for several years anyway.  We have not attempted to go to high-end stores so this should be the best price for the best Christmas tree.  We did not find it in our recent visit to Carrefour Plaza Singapore so I guess you need to scour around other branches.

First of all, your Christmas tree is never close to the real if there are no pine cones.  You can easily pick numerous cones to complete this green structure on the round where Pine trees stand in the nearest neighbourhood.

For the other tree’s trinkets and decor, you can find bargains in many places but surely nothing can beat Daiso’s two dollar sets.

Coffee table Christmas candles (in progress)

Candles (less than SGD 20 for three)from Ikea; Glass plate (gift) from Tang’s; cones from the neighbourhood;
ribbons from the supplies store.

Christmas garland

Artificial garland (branches with leaves only) from a store in Arab Street– bought at bargain SGD 15 two years ago but now selling at SGD 38! This would be costing the same or slightly higher in superstores.

Santa’s socks

from Daiso, SGD 2.

Don’t wait for the last-minute to decorate your house with Christmas stuff.  Best time to start this is on 1st Sunday of Advent which happens on 4 December when we start preparing for the joyous occasion in church.  It helps to attune the earthly realm with the spiritual. 😉

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