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IPads and Pre-schoolers – Confessions of a Perplexed Parent (via INNZ is the word)

Guide your kids in using technology such as IPads and IPhones

I have seen how my daughter Yanna tinkered into our IPhones to find her way to youtube and all other apps she likes. I realized that truly how a two-year old kid could actually learn a lot in such a touchscreen gadget. Yet, the caveat is, these gadgets can also be addictive. When Yanna starts getting into the IPhone, she would not give it up without tantrums. We’ve seen how she gets stuck into it and so we started to control it.

Some weeks ago, when my wife registered Yanna to a pre-school for her Nursery 1 classes starting January 2012, one of the fees listed, although optional was “Computer Program”. We thought, “What in the world are they going to teach three-year old kids about computers?” Maybe they have IPads. Well, I am still for the traditional educational system where the focus is on reading, writing and comprehension. Many schools may boast of a “computerized” education system but does that seem to emphasize on the basics. Just like teaching someone how to fish instead of giving them the fish, you teach the kids how to learn properly, they will be on top of their classes.

I stumbled upon this blog and realized that the IPad technology seems to put us all parents in the warning mode. We need to take precaution and guide our kids in getting them into the use of technology.

iPads and pre-schoolers – confessions of a perplexed parent OK I admit it – my nearly-three-year-old daughter is more familiar with iPads than I am. It’s not hard – I think I have only just fully realised I am raising a “screen-ager”. Once they started appearing at her preschool, I should have realised that if I didn’t catch up soon, I was goi … Read More

via INNZ is the word

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  1. July 31, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    I’m also a pro on teaching kids the traditional way.Things are virtual in computer and so the learnings may be virtual too.kids may benifit if the three essentials like reading,writing and understanding be taught in traditional way..nice share..

  2. Rey
    August 1, 2011 at 12:51 am

    Technology will always be a part of each and everyone’s life and that is stating the obvious. Kids now, specially, will learn more and more using technology at home, in the classrooms, and other areas they visit. However, this should always be complemented with “going outside and play”. Playing with real toy cars and dolls, going to the zoo, playground, just walking and marvelling at what they see or find, is as important as what they find using the latest technology. My son and daughter, 6 and 5 yers old uses iphone apps and go to a lot of sites where they could learn or play games, but they have limitations. We let them go and play, swim, go to the zoo, parks, etc, specially now that it is summer. Balance is the key.

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