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Explaining Why Is Encouraging Intelligent Cooperation (via My Simple Inspiration)

Why? Why? Why?

A person who always asks the “why” of a task is a person who works effectively. Children often ask this in every little new thing they learn and it shows how much of their inquisitive and learning passion remains. Asking for a reason may sound quite a simple matter that everyone is supposed to be doing, but nevertheless, few are doing because of the pace our world runs and everybody wants to ride on it for its own sake. As we grow up, we end up not asking the “whys” perhaps because of some discouragement from other people. We do end up never asking this when we start working – because we are afraid to be branded as “slow”.

Putting the ball on the person asked why and not the person asking why, wouldn’t it be better if we just start of an instruction or task by explaining the purpose or the implications?  Rates of team effectiveness and efficiency gets higher when we do this. In the long-term, we train people to work and cooperate in a smart way and not by blind obedience for the sake of getting the job done.

I spotted this post that is worth sharing as a reminder for us all – to start asking the “dumb” questions; and better yet, to start explaining the rationale of a task instead of waiting to be asked.

Well, sometimes we even have to just say “I have a stupid question”!

But why . . . ? When we ask someone to do something it can be frustrating why they didn’t do it the way we wanted. It’s as if they deliberately did it their way instead of your way. You can explain everything but until the other person understands “why” the results will struggle to meet your expectations. I have been on the receiving end of this scenario. Whe … Read More

via My Simple Inspiration

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