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I’ll Get My Plane Fare From My Piggy Bank

We have learned way back in our own childhood about this piggy figurine with a thin slit on top just enough to slip a coin. This figurine was meant to be one where you put your coins to be able to save some money. When it’s full, it’s time to break it and buy something you like. Maybe it was a good lesson in our childhood and so perhaps some of us are in the habit of saving. Well, but not all. Although from the pinoysg forums, I can see that many smart Pinoys do save and think of how to invest and keep their hard-earned SGD, I still hear of sad stories how some, after working in Singapore for a number of years, have a miserable amount of money in their bank account. Worse is for some who do not have anyone else to support but themselves are so stuck into buying Burberry and Louis Vuitton brands.

Last March 2010, a brother of mine visited us here in Singapore from USA with my mother. He said half-jokingly that we should save 1 dollar a day to save money if we want to travel elsewhere. We got ourselves thinking and took it seriously. We checked on plane fares and computed that it would require 2 SGD a day to collect enough money in two years to travel somewhere outside of Asia. So we started grabbing our piggy bank and did just that. Well, we did not have piggy banks but got some wafer tin cans as a substitute.


Just to illustrate that, indeed the piggy bank saving method beats all. It is actually the most basic saving concept, that if practiced, is actually anyone’s training for any other way to save or invest money. Do you save? If not, start looking for a piggy bank at home and drop a coin. No one has an excuse for not saving because rainy days will always come.

More saving tips here: www.frugalpinoy.com

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  1. July 23, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    I also try to save some part of my very little salary in a diffferent concept.I joined a coop in our company and during payout they immediately deduct it on my money.Well sort of a good habit also.Anyway,thanks for the reminder..Good for you I hope in time you can travel outside Asia..cheers..

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