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Do You Ever Think Anybody Reads Your Posts?

We are all crazy now posting stuff here and there on Facebook, Twitter and our own blog.  Well, I believe that most of us would have a Facebook account and as such, post something on it.  Some do this “on the go”, some every weekend, some every night, some every now and then as they pause from what they do on the computer.  This has become a habit. Whether a good or a bad one, it depends on each one of us.  Posting has become a way of sharing our thoughts or status, our good day or simply feel like preaching a good quote from somewhere or from our own wisdom.  Gone were the days when we were text-maniacs wanting to send text messages to our friends dozens of times in a day– some chatting and trivial messages, forwarded quotations and real important messages. Nowadays, at the advent of GPS and android mobile  phones, all messages are sent online via a social networking site, such as Facebook.  Even greetings on holidays are not sent over SMS anymore but a simple greeting post on Facebook.

Now we have hunger to share more things of ourselves- what we are doing, where we are exactly (location or establishment), our current thoughts, the distance we travelled or ran, the food we ate (how it looks, how it tastes).. the list goes on.

Sharing a part of us with our friends  is one of the best things that was brought about by these social networking sites.  We have become connected with everyone especially our friends and families faraway.  We have also re-connected to old friends, classmates and out of touch relatives.  For all we know, we have never communciated this good that even to people we were never really close to are like long-time friends or colleagues. The best things we could share our friends are our photos (daily suff, special occasions and portrait pics), special events to announce, inspirational quotes, stories and links, slice of life videos, popular music or books you like.  In other words, it’s like a little girl’s  “slum” book or in the mature world, a family photo album.

Fortunately, there are these very few people, I believe, who have gone into the habit of sharing everything they see on the net.  Is it you??? It’s like one day you stumble into a website with all your favorite videos in your “era” and you could not resist sharing all the videos in Facebook. Grrrrrr.  That’s annoying. Or maybe one day you were lazy and started taking pictures of you in different poses and start posting them one by one. But later you were addicted to it and kept on with the habit. 15 posts within an hour with all your different poses.  Hahaha. Move over Cindy. One more- you were in a vacation mode and wanted to brag about it by lodging every place you went to via foursquare. Well I guess you liked being followed or stalked upon. If you did this and continue to do so within a week, I would probably hid “view” of your posts in my account.  It helps me get my peace of mind. If you are really guilty, don’t take it personally.  I just want to see quality posts of people who make the effort to do it and sometimes do not even have the luxury of logging on once a week. Just to be fair with them.  Maybe it’s not you if you don’t do it all the time.

Did you ever wonder if anybody read or saw your post at all? Or should I re-phrase it- does anybody care about what you posted? The best indicator that someone ever looked at your post is when someone “Liked” or commented on it. Well, if nobody noticed your post, did you ever wonder why? I am not going to give you an answer because I’m the one asking. YOU give me an answer. Post your comment  😉

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  1. Roi
    May 28, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    The ’15 posts within an hour with different poses’ is a win. I can really relate (and really hate) to that. Add to the list the different bugs on Facebook spamming everybody’s wall. (I only have Facebook and Twitter for my social networking. :D)

    We all love the ‘Likes’ and comments on our good posts whether it’s on Facebook or a blog post. But I don’t expect them to like everything especially if they can’t relate to the post. As the saying goes, you can’t please everyone.

  2. Ben
    May 28, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    I don’t mind friends flooding links in Facebook since I have the discretion of reading it or not. For the twitter, I barely use them except in tweeting my blog post.

    For the the answer for you blog title, Yes someone reads my post post at least one person. Although I really don’t mind if there are many or none at all viewing my blog, my blog is not for marketing or profit purposes and I have my goal: to write.
    But yes it would be nice seeing some comments in my blog.

    I don’t read other people blogs who have nothing to contribute to the reader except detailing their self and also people who don’t take GRAMMAR and PUNCTUATION seriously. ha ha

    PS: Phew. You have 4 intro paragraphs and 1 body paragraph. You should get to the point you know XD

  3. Rey
    May 29, 2011 at 9:00 am

    I definitely could relate and understand your frustration sometimes on certain people’s annoying posts. Believe me, I do see a lot of them and there are those that sometimes you feel embarrassed for them that you feel you need to “hide” them. Another one that gets me are some posts that once you read it, you suddenly stop and think, “Did I just read what I think I read?”, “Did she just say that…”, Did she just..”, “Did she…” And you read it again, and realize that you are being given “too much information.” You just laugh it off and move on.

    But oftentimes, people make conclusions based on someone’s posts and sometimes out of the poster’s ignorance (or naivety), he or she doesn’t realize that most people’s perception of him or her becomes negative just because of a not-so-well-thought-of post. So, truly, be careful of what you post. Not only does it become a barometer of your intelligence (or shallowness), it also gives people an idea of what to expect when they suddenly meet you in person (if ever)!

  4. May 31, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    I’m an ex facebookaholic..if before its a must to log in everyday,now I have a strong self control.I even stopped confirming friends because I’m not interested of what are they up to.Some people there just wanted to brag things which really annoys me,well I think they need to be appreciated thats why they look for attention..

    I don’t have much activity in Facebook and so in twitter because I don’t have any followers.hehehe.I knew how it feels if you have worked onto something and yet there could be no one to appreciate it or notice it..It can be frustrating honestly.Maybe you feel that way when you write something and no one has ever bothered to like it or view it..you write post because you want to impart knowledge or influence others and if people appreciate it then its like you’re paid for the hard works..

    if there are good post out there I try to appreciate it by hitting the like button or leaving a comment if i can relate to it..
    nice blog.

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