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What’s the Happiest Country in the World? Not the United States (via NewsFeed)

I have heard about the Happiness Index and all sorts of study regarding people’s happiness indicators. This one does not seem to quite make sense- the wealthy countries on top and the poorer countries below. It has always showed that poor countries are also on the top when it comes to “happiness” measure- a way of showing that money does not seem to buy all the happiness.

Well, I guessed it right. TIME’s title seems quite misleading. The study by Gallup used the Cantril Scale which is a type of wellbeing assessment. Gallup’s study explored how people perceive their wellbeing and was compared to people’s perception from other countries. No wonder the Philippines and other developing nations are somewhere in the bottom. I repeat: this is not a happiness study.

Who’s the happiest, pluckiest ‘em of all? Not the red, white and blue. So without taking a peek, NewsFeed is going to put our money on a Scandinavian country. Oh, what do we have here? Denmark is indeed the most “thriving” country in the world, according to a Gallup survey. Sweden, Canada, Australia and Finland also all join to round out the top five on the list. (More on NewsFeed: See the most livable cities in the world) That’s not to say the U … Read More

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  1. Rey
    April 23, 2011 at 10:50 pm

    If you think about it though, people in the countries on the lower ranks of the study scale would have said, “I would be happier if…”. Wouldn’t one be happier if basic necessities like clean water, clean air, affordable housing and food is attainable? Wouldn’t one be happier if there is less crime in their neighborhoods, or their kids could afford to go to school without breaking their backs, or they could take care of their family, specially their kids, when they are in dire need of medical attention? I’m not talking about any kind of even moderate want at all, just the basic requirements for a human to live which in many higher-ranked nations take for granted. If they can see that there could be improvements in their lives “if only…”, they would probably rank their happiness level lower than most. And probably, in a way, it is better for them. Because then, they are not content with their situation and strive harder to improve their lives. You don’t have to look far to understand this.

    • pinoyleonardo
      April 24, 2011 at 6:11 pm

      Hi K. Rey. I know what you mean. Taking into context “wellbeing”, yes I agree. I guess the “happiness” should be interpreted as “satisfaction”.

      However, I was also trying to point out that in Happiness Index studies that have come in the past, the top countries were coming from the poor countries. This indicated that happiness is not only coming from the physical or economic wellbeing but other factors as well.

  2. May 8, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    I find these studies rather silly and a waste of money. How can they possibly, determine a true reading, representing everyone over an entire country?

    I think it’s how you’re raised and how you perceive life. Are you an Optomist or Pessimist? When we got in trouble in high school, and were forced to pick up trash around the campus…we had to do it anyway, why not have fun? I had fun picking up trash! When we had chores to do, and we wanted to go play, have fun doing chores and quickly get it done…why trudge, complain, and take forever there’s playtime waiting at the finish line.

    As an adult, could we use more money? Surely…but are we enjoying the life GOD gave us…YOU BET!

    Also, was this study done recently? Of course many USA residents are unhappy at this moment, we’re going through a terrible recession where we’re all getting laid off and we have bill collectors coming after us. People are losing their homes! Both my husband and I were laid off, and our happiness was momentarily overshadowed by worry on how to cover cost of living…yet, we were still happy, just required an adjustment period. 🙂

    Lake Forest, California USA

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