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WWWP5K In Singapore

The WordPress.com blog community organized a unique 5k event around the world. I call it a Do-It-Yourself fun run because, while uniting members to participate in an activity at a given time (April 10 or around the time- between April 4-9), it can be done in our own places wherever in the world we may be. It’s called Worldwide WordPress 5K (or WWWP5K for short). It can actually be running, walking, skipping or biking. It was part of the campaign for healthy blogging.

When I learned about it, I surely counted myself in as I’ve been trying to make my goal “running a race” into a reality. Back in January, I started training for a 10k race slated in April hoping that would be the stepping stone to Singapore Marathon in December. Along the way, I found myself struggling to run due to some pain below my left knee. I found out (without any medical consultation) that it could be stress fracture or condition leading to that. Thanks to a colleague who also experienced the same problem and shared with me his experience. I stopped to run for a while to rest my legs. While I had the option to just walk, I started dilly-dallying about registering until the last day. On the last day I got too busy with work and I forgot to register before midnight. Aargh! I missed that one! Hence, I could not let another opportunity pass. But again, I failed. I knew the date for WWWP5K was April 10 but I thought it can be done around April 11-15 (instead of April 4-9). So I missed it again this time.

But I had to go back to running and weight training to keep my healthy lifestyle on track. So I had to do it anyway. In the spirit of WWWP5K, I was moved to do it. So it did not matter anymore if I did it in the official time or not.

This time being spontaneous and without further delay, I used my Iphone to take pictures.

April 14- I dragged myself to the gym and started working out.


April 16- I brought my family in the park and started walking 5k.


 Warming up


Starting Line- Entry to the park


Walking along Alexandra Canal Linear Park


Yanna dozed off at the Finish Line!

Our 5K Results record at:

Pinoyleonardo’s Activities | RunKeeper.

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  1. Rey
    April 21, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    The good thing about it is you started doing it. It is oftentimes really hard to drag oneself to a place where you have to do something physical, like exercise. All sorts of excuses would come out of its hiding places and devour your otherwise healthy intentions. Don’t let this happen. Put the schedule in your calendar and as Nike’s all-time motto says: “Just do it.’ Also, every little bit of exercise helps. Playing physical games with the kids help keep me burn some calories (although I probably need more than just that). Putting Yanna on your back while doing some push-ups will put some weight training in your regimen and will also make Yanna happy (just make sure Eden is holding her or she is secure). Again, no fuss… just do it!

  2. pinoyleonardo
    April 22, 2011 at 11:50 am

    That push-ups suggestion is cool! I was contemplating on doing body weight exercises in lieu of the gym. Hmm, why not?

  3. May 8, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    I missed this! I’ve gained weight blogging! 🙂 Actually, I’m going to be restarting my program shortly…I’ll blog about it once a week.

    Our blogging community can keep one another on track! 🙂

    Have you done some exercise since this post?
    Lake Forest, California USA

    • pinoyleonardo
      May 9, 2011 at 7:28 am

      Hi Sandi. I’ve gotten back to brisk walking aiming to run a race and hopefully in LA Marathon (or 5k) in March.

  4. checkayism
    May 11, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    I’m new here on WordPress and still learning things one step at a time.. This WWWP5K is a great idea. I’m going to join next year! or whenever I have a time 🙂 Thanks to you sir!

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