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The Woman Who Cuts My Hair Is In Love With Me

Some 7 years ago, I decided to go “burr” cut.  It’s a very short hair cut from 1-2 mm hair length all over the head.  They call it in the Philippines as “dos” for 2 mm cut and “uno” for 1 mm cut.  It was a new image and was cool. But I had to maintain it by having a trim every week or two.  Otherwise, my hair will start looking uneven and have a haggard look.  If I decided to grow it further again eventually, which I did for sometime, I have to endure this uneven growth of hair before it reaches its former “long” length.

Having to trim that regularly, it had to be a select barber because not all do this well especially for my hair’s case which is not thick by nature.  Some rely on the hair clipper alone to cut it, but some have the skill to do it finely with  hair clipper and scissors plus shaving other hair around the face 🙂 By the way, aside from the king treatment, I also enjoyed chit-chatting with “kwentong barbero”.

When I moved to Singapore, I immediately found out about the Filipinos’ haven Lucky Plaza (a.k.a. LP or Little Philippines- hehe).  In no time I found my new barber. However,  when my family followed to Singapore, naturally I did not have the same freedom to go here and there during weekends as I am tied to my two girls.  Hence, going my way to LP must either be a family trip or a quick escape if I wanted my weekly trim. That did not work. I had to make do with the barber down below my HDB building.

Not happy with the neighborhood barber, I had to find an alternative. Little did I know that in doing so, I will end up saying “The woman who cuts my hair is in love with me!”

I found her right in inside my home, my loving wife Eden

She’s got the talent

Move over Ricky Reyes!

Well, what I actually did was to buy the hair clipper set worth SGD 15. I would use the hair clipper myself to cut my hair and leave the finishing touches to Eden- especially the back area which I could not reach well.  I actually saved SGD 15 + the tip weekly– thanks to this bonding activity.


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  1. Rey
    April 11, 2011 at 7:50 am

    LOL! When I read the title of your post in my in-box, I smiled thinking, hmmm, this will be intersting… So I immediately, read it, and only when I saw the pictures, did I realize that… it was Eden! I did not know that she had the talent. Lucky you! Cathy tried with me, but, I’m still not comfortable with the outcome. She does a good job cutting Eddie’s hair, though. Hey, you might have saved some money, but not the tip! You need to tip the good work Eden has done! Good post and pics, and green polka-dotted whatchamacallit… Is that for good luck? 😉

  2. pinoyleonardo
    April 11, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    Haha. Thanks for the comments. It actually picked up a spike in my page hits and views. Weeks ago I thought Facebook was too loaded with posts that people did not notice my blog posts. It turned out, I needed that intriguing title 😉

  3. December 6, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    hands down! haha. No place like home =) Kudos to your wife, she’s amazing!

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