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Spending CNY in KL

Chinese New year weekend was too long to spend at home so we decided to get somewhere else. Kuala Lumpur was not very appealing as it sounded considering it’s just close by and I have been there myself (on business trip)- I did not think of anything exciting.  However, I only looked at the prospect of relaxation- maybe taking advantage of getting out of our jungle to go to another jungle 🙂

Maybe this time- take advantage of the hotel amenities (mmm spa indulgence?) and do some strolling on a Hop On Hop Off Tour Bus. Well then, this is one adventure.

Is this expensive?

— SG to KL (Bus): SGD 171

— KL to SG (Plane): SGD 141

—Cab from bus terminal to hotel: roughly SGD 60

—Cab from hotel to airport: roughly SGD 80

—Hop On Hop Off Tour Bus: RM 38 (Standard adult ticket)

Typical Meal: roughly RM 12 per person (local eateries and fastfood)

Hotel (4-star): SGD 77 per day

Exhausted but still in the mood to pose

It was a gruelling 7 hours trip from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.  We estimated we could have saved an hour if the bus was faster.   We took the “ordinary” aircon bus- not quite luxurious, not spotless clean but bearable.


We stayed at the Swiss Garden Hotel


After settling down, we made a church visit to give thanks!

I remember this place from my last KL trip 5 years ago- because I had a picture taken here- one of the few.

Shopping and bargaining!

At the Central Market- softer version of Tutuban in Manila

Merdeka Stadium (shot from the bus)

View from the bus: Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Lazy take from the bus: Muzium Negara

We took a few “hop offs” and (as my girls) preferred to stay on the bus to take a view of the city.

In Istana Negara- Palace guards display traditional costumes

I like seeing garbs that has heritage value (left) – similar to those in southern Philippines.  Thank goodness we had to “hop off”in this place to change diapers 🙂

Don’t leave without a “stolen” shot

Main stop was at Petronas.  Sun was high so we took quick shots.  Samson pose was hard to do.

Well as I said, maybe take relaxation as part of the holidays. So just enjoy the hotel amenities.  The pool was small- if you see the photo in Swiss Garden’s website or promo materials, don’t be deceived. The pool was about to be cleaned so we asked for some 15 minutes.  Hence, I extended the fun in the tub. I think that Yanna enjoyed the short swim most of all in this trip. She kept talking about it afterwards.

Some more sweet shots before we left

We still enjoyed taking shots thinking we were ahead of time. Surprise! We were booked for Cebu Pacific and we cannot find it in the list of airlines on screen.  Yes, the cab dropped us at the KL International Airport not knowing that our airline was also “parked” in the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT)- a budget terminal similar to that of Singapore.  Yes, maybe not as many cab drivers know, it’s not only Air Asia that’s found in LCCT.  So be sure to know which airport you need to go. So we had to take another cab to take us there! One last hurdle in the trip!

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  1. Rey
    March 14, 2011 at 6:21 am

    Nice post. I like the fact that you first check and plan and budget your trip before you venture out. Well, really, this is a wise way for anyone to go on a trip, specially if you have a toddler. Needless to say, giving tips to your readers on how much it would cost, of course, is very helpful for those planning on a trip to Kuala Lumpur. A seven hour trip is not that bad. I remember, me and Cathy, when the kids were not born yet, used to go to Pittsburgh, from Philadelphia, and it took us about 6 hours on the average by car, with me driving most of the time. And we would go there, at least every month. The only difference, and it could be a big difference, is that we were visiting family and we have a place to sleep and some of the meals without paying for it, we were familiar with the surroundings, we… okay so it might not be that comparable. How about when we went to New Jersey to attend a wedding in Cape May, NJ. This one is more comparable… 8 hour ride, again with me doing most of the driving(as always), and us spending a couple of nights at the Trump Marina Resort in Atlantic City. We left Friday morning, was there Friday night, met with friends for dinner. Slept… strolled along the boardwalk in the morning and left to go to the wedding at 1 pm which was an hour away. We spent the evening at the wedding. It was fun but the following day, we had to leave to go back to Ohio. Enough of our NJ trip. Well, I’m glad you guys enjoyed your trip. By the way, does Yanna have a mole(nunal) on her leg? Eddie has one. You know what they say about those with marks on their legs…. they’re travellers. 😉

  2. pinoyleonardo
    March 14, 2011 at 8:14 am

    I know what you mean. From trips in the Philippines, I would compare this to the Manila-Baguio or Baguio-Sagada trips- the latter is even worse taking an ordinary non-aircon bus in the countryside! It’s just that I’ve not into long trips in the last few years and with a toddler at that 🙂

    Well, I’m the one with a mole on my leg.

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