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Finding Work in Singapore (via The Localized Foreigner)

Singapore is undeniably a hot job destination to many Filipinos. Even with about 200,000 of us already currently working here, it looks like more are coming! From among relatives, friends and a host of online communities I know, in the next six months, I can feel them arriving.

Apart from being open to foreign talent, Singapore is also appealing to many because of its proximity to the Philippines (and therefore less expensive to come home), multi-racial communities and convenient living standards (transport; public housing; language, among others).

However, not everyone is lucky enough.  Before you make a decision- think about it, do some research, ask people around from the people you know and check out the online communities such as pinoysg.com.  Here’s some piece of advice from another Pinoy in Singapore.

So, you have finally decided to go out of your comfort zone and join the multitude of pinoys making a career mark abroad. If you’re one of the “lucky” ones who have been hired while you’re still in the Philippines or you’ve been offered an expat status, you may stop reading now. Otherwise, for those who are equally lucky but haven’t been found by companies based here, let me share with you some insights and guidelines based on our collective expe … Read More

via The Localized Foreigner

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