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UST Quadricentennial Is Happening…

After so many preparations, the quadricentennial celebration of the University of Santo Tomas is happening.  I can feel this vibrating with many Facebook friends, a large number from my elementary and high school batches. Personally, it means getting back to my alma mater and recognizing its contribution in forming me as a person.  Many of us practically grew up seeing the campus on a day-to-day basis like our second home and as the song goes “…dito na natuto ng iyong mga kalokohan” .  This is more special, I guess , to us who spent our elementary and/or high school days in Santo Tomas.  Hence, going back to UST is like going back to the hey days of our youth.

Getting back in touch on Facebook with a lot of elementary and high school classmates and batchmates was enough looking back.  Seeing how everyone else have grown up and matured, changed looks (a bit for many, a lot for some) and lead themselves to a certain direction in life, is breath-taking.  Now with the coming of UST centennial, how can anyone ignore this “getting back” to our dear alma mater?

I look forward to getting a live access to the main celebrations and hopefully there will be. I am so sure a lot of my batch mates overseas would like that. Let me see what I can find out.

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